Learn tools and techniques to create glorious abstract landscapes. Working in both oil and cold wax, or acrylics, Beginners and advanced students will learn in an inspiring and creative format. You will gain confidence in developing your own artistic voice and intuition while acquiring a toolbox to create abstract art.

"I have taken countless art workshops over the years, and hands down- Lisa is the best, most engaging and informative teacher. Not only do I learn a tremendous amount about creating art, I feel connected and have a great time.

- Sandy Arden

Hi, I’m Lisa Mann. I am an abstract landscape artist, and I LOVE to teach others about the joys of creating abstract art. My work is award winning and in galleries all over the country, and my true passion is creating art with others. Working in layers, I use cold wax and oil paints to create paintings that are full of rich history, meaning and beauty. Join me!

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